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Horse Owner By Accident Dragged His Mare Tied At The Back Of His Truck!

Culver Modisette, a 86-year-old horse owner from Stafford Springs, CT, made something terrible that shocked his neighbors. In front of everyone he was dragging his horse who was tied up to his pickup truck. Can you believe that?!

His neighbor Helen Kelley saw him first and right away she took some picture as evidence of the cruel incident that has happened in front of her eyes. The pictures were devastating and showing how that mare was falling to the ground, helplessly trying to stand on her feet and then tripping again and again. Helen tried to help the horse and screamed at Modisette to stop the truck, because he was going to injure or kill the animal!

As he shared, he found his mare at his neighbors after she ran away. They had a stallion so it hasn’t been easy to get her back in a good way. Modisette was desperate and that’s why he has decided to tie her up like that. He didn’t have any other idea that would solve his situation. He had to take her home and feed her. According to him, he didn’t want to hurt the mare, he just wanted to take her to her stable , because it has been breakfast time!

Luckily, Modisette has heard Helen and when he saw how his mare was falling on the ground, he stopped immediately. They’ve cut the rope and he took care of the mare, by leading her to her stable.

There has been an investigation conducted by the Stafford Springs Animal Control and Connecticut State Police Department. There were no charges against Modisette, because the mare wasn’t injured and he didn’t have cruel intentions to harm her.

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